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Get the latest earthquake information from all over the world

Use Latest Quakes to get earthquake information on your Android phone. View the last 7 days of earthquakes in a list or on an interactive map. Filter earthquakes by magnitude, date and distance. See all the details of an earthquake: magnitude, date and time, location, distance from you, and depth. For large earthquakes, view shaking intensity maps. Post earthquakes to Facebook or share with other apps: Twitter, SMS, Gmail and more. If you felt an earthquake, report how it felt. All with worldwide data straight from the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Latest Release

Version 1.1.1 (May 9, 2012)

An update with a refreshed user interface design and support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Also included are the latest USGS data feeds, help when there are no earthquakes to display, and bug fixes for zooming the map, sharing on Facebook, and showing the intensity map.

Coming soon: Earthquake alerts and notifications.

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How can I view the latest earthquakes?

Earthquakes are shown as a list by default. Scroll to see more or click on one to see its details. To view earthquakes on a map, click the Map button. Scroll around, zoom in or out, or tap an earthquake to see more information.

How do I control which earthquakes are shown?

You can filter which earthquakes are shown on the list or the map in a few different ways. Go to settings by pressing the Menu button and selecting Settings. There you can set the filter for the magnitude, the date, the distance from you, and the number of items to show.

What does the intensity map show?

The map shows ground motion and shaking intensity across the area effected by the earthquake. This is generated only for significant earthquakes, not smaller ones.

You can learn more about earthquakes and their effects from the USGS.

I felt an earthquake, can I report it?

You can report an earthquake to the USGS through their Did you feel it? website. To do this, find the earthquake you felt, press the Menu button and select Did you feel it?. This will bring you to the USGS website where you can fill out a form to report your experience.


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